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Florida scrub jays are a threatened species primarily due to habitat loss and fragmentation. The scrub habitat that they occupy is the prime choice for real estate development in Florida. Florida scrub is considered a highly endangered ecosystem. Despite being listed as a threatened species in 1987, the population has declined by 25 to 50%.

NOTE: Feeding Florida Scrub Jays is illegal and potentially harmful to the birds. All photos of scrub jays being fed are covered by a permit from U. S. Fish and Wildlife.
Dancing JayScrub Jay and RabbitSouth Lake Scrub JayPerched on two branchesJay on LyoniaScrub Jay PairFluffing UpSentinel BirdEarly LightJay PortraitDining on InsectSharing a wormJay on CameraPerched in OakFledgling Scrub JayAdult and FledglingScrub Jay in OakMost of the FamilyBiologist WorkingScrub Jay in Pine