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A 436-acre preserve bordering Sykes Creek in Merritt Island, Ulumay Park is a hidden treasure of Florida's Space Coast. Its history includes a town of the Ais Indians who disappeared around 1720. The park borders a natural lagoon linked with canals created for mosquito control and surrounded by a manmade dike.

Vince has joined the Friend of Ulumay, currently in organization. He is working to capture the natural beauty of this park and the surrounding areas as digital images.

A slideshow with images and original music is available for downloading at www.ulumay.org.
Brown PelicanSunrise at UlumayRoseate SpoonbillRing Necked DucksHoney BeeOspreyView from Observation TowerMosquito ControlGreat Blue Heron FishingPaddlers in Sykes CreekWood StorkOld Humpbacked Troll BridgeLittle Blue HeronMain RoadBefore SunriseFlorida Native LantanaYoung Wildlife Photographer