Zenfolio | Vince Lamb | Wildflowers of North Drive

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These wildflowers were taken in a Pine Flatwoods bordering an industiral park near Melbourne, Florida. The diversity of wildflowers on this property is amazing. Most are native, but a few are exotics.
Wild Coco OrchidTickweed (Coreopsis)Coreopsis with WaspBlue ButterwortBatchelor's ButtonBlue-Eyed GrassSandweedLongleaf VioletSundewWild Batchelor's ButtonSouthern DewberrySouthern DewberryButterfly above TasselflowerBeach SunflowerSpanish Needles (Bidens alba)Sky FlowerTo be determinedPipewortAgeratum or MistflowerWild Poinsettia