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The Dicerandra Scrub Sanctuary is a 44-acre sanctuary named after an endangered mint plant, Dicerandra Thinicola. This property is managed by the Environmentally Endangered Land (EEL) program of Brevard County. It is located in Titusville, Florida south of Highway 50 and west of Highway US-1.

Dicerandra Thinicola is listed as an endangered plant by the State of Florida. This plant is endemic to Titusville and Mims - found nowhere else in the world. It grows in sandy areas that are prime targets for development.

The Friends of the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary, associated with the EEL Program education center, conducted a field trip to this site in October 2007. After locating the Dicerandra Thinicola, we hiked a couple of miles through the property and observed the diversity of plants that are found on this property.
Dicerandra ThinicolaTitusville BalmDicerandra ThinicolaTitusville MintDicerandra MintBlazing StarScrub Jay