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The Ocklawaha River flows north from Central Florida to enter the St. John's River near Welaka. Silver Springs discharges 550 million gallons per day, which enters the Ocklawaha via the Silver River. The Ocklawaha has a rich history including Native American activity, visits by the Spanish from St. Augustine, steamboat tourism starting in 1868 and a close call wiht the proposed Cross Florida Barge Canal.

Lars Anderson, writer and kayak guide with Adventure Outpost, led a group including four friends and me on a kayak trip starting in the Silver River and continuing for approximately 10 miles of the Ocklawaha River. The cool water from Silver Springs and the tree canopy made this trip delightful on a hot Florida day. Lars is a delightful guide who provides colorful information about the area - including archaeology, geology, history and biology. The trip included many opportunities to hear only the natural sounds of the river and surrounding areas.

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