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A family of four Florida Scrub Jays were translocated from Holy Trinity Academy near Melbourne to conservation land near Titusville on December 16, 2008. This land is managed by the Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands (EEL) Program to provide habitat for scrub jays and other scrub species of animals and plants.

This project was performed under permits issued to the Brevard Zoo by federal and state agencies. Many volunteer hours were provided over a seven month period by faculty, staff and students of the Holy Trinity Academy.

The success of this translocation will be judged by observation of this family at their new location over an extended period. The critical steps of capture and translocation to the site have been completed.

Twenty-nine days after the move, this family of Florida scrub-jays continue to reside on the conservation land prepared for their arrival. They are being monitored daily.
Working with Scrub JaysDining in TrapsCapture DayReady for ExaminationScrub Jay BandingVeterinary ExaminationHome sweet scrubScrub up closePositioning the basePreparing the hacking cageCarrying the hacking cagePositioning the hacking cagePreparing foodTransferring the jaysGeoff Carter with JayWatching a visitorPreparing for releaseDoor open - please leaveMichelle at DawnSunrise