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I attended Moose Peterson's Base Camp in Bozeman, MT in November 2007. I arrived in Montana a couple of days early to spend time in Yellowstone National Park, my first visit. Moose brought the participants to Yellowstone during one day of the Base Camp.

As of 11/20/2007, I am still working on this gallery. With help from Moose, I started using a new format to show my images on this website. I am converting all of the images to the new format. Also, I may post a few more images.
Bison WatchingBison GrazingBison PairBison HerdAnother Bison PairPlayful Head-ButtingStanding BisonBighorn SheepBighorn Ram ClimbingBighorn Ram Climbing #2Leaping EweYoung Bighorn RamBighorn LambWaterfallCoyote with Elk DinnerOld Faithful