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The property shown in these photos is located on the Atlantic Coastal Ridge near Grant-Valkaria, Florida. These 119 acres are owned by the Florida Inland Navigation District for use as a retention area for dredging materials. The property serves as an important piece of the habitat for the fourth largest population of Florida Scrub-Jays within our state.

The Valkaria area is important for populations of at least five rare scrub and flatwoods plants (Conradina grandiflora, Lechea divaricata, Nolina atopocarpa, Pinguicula lutea, and Pteroglossaspis ecristata). Conradina grandiflora (large-flowered false rosemary, Florida – Threatened) and Lechea divaricata (drysand pinweed, Florida – Endangered) have been found on this property.

The Environmentally Endangered Lands Program of Brevard County is working to arrange a land swap to protect this land from dredging materials. This topic is expected to be included on the County Commssion agenda on May 19, 2009.
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