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I invited a group of friends to join a paddling trip with Lars Andersen at Ichetucknee Springs yesterday. A few of us stopped at the Florida Museum of Natural History and Terry Zinn's wildflower farm on the drive to High Springs.

Long ago, Dr. Archie Carr described the Ichetucknee River as the most beautiful place in Florida. While we saw evidence of algae on the grasses, the water was clear and the natural beauty is still spectacular.
Ichetucknee SpringheadManatee cow and calfAndrea ConoverSleeping Manatee AheadSuwannee CooterGail Meredith in the swampWilliam Bartram TreePickerel Weed in Paynes PrairieLyle, Gail and MammothJohn Moran exhibitCoreopsis basalis at Terry Zinn's farmAcres of Coreopsis